Just Keep Swimming

The other day I told Will “I think I was a manatee in another life.” He thought that was hilarious. I am not a graceful swimmer, especially now after not really doing any swimming since college but I have always loved the water.  I am very happy to say I have finally found a place to swim.

If only Georgie would swim with us, she will only go about chest deep at the beach.

In high school and college I did swim for PE, as well as some Water Polo. I never competed though because I couldn’t get to 5 am practices that the team went to, so I just stuck to classes. Class was basically the second practice of the day for the team so I still got my ass kicked. I have missed that ass kicking.

My workout for the moment is based mainly on doing as many laps as I can for 45-60 min. My form is all messed up and so mostly I have been doing freestyle/crawl laps alternated with different drills to get get my backstroke, breaststroke and Butterfly(flop) back in shape. I am also very pleased to report that despite all his kettlebell swinging ways I can swim much longer then Will can.

So at least 3 times a week you can find me down at the pool, I am easy to find, I am the one with the best looking swim cap.

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Fasting Recap and Other News

So last weekend I set out to fast the 18th and 19th. It ended up only being the 18th.

I spent the day just drinking water but by 10 am after dropping Will off and taking Georgie for hike at our favorite park I had a splitting headache. I didn’t eat anything but my day was spent on the sofa reading and watching movies because I had zero energy to do anything. By night fall I was ready to start in on my own limbs. I ate some tacos for dinner (as planned) and in about 30 min the headache was gone and I was a bit more sane.

I just couldn’t face another day of headaches and zero energy so I did not fast the 19th.

I think that the lesson here is the blood sugar always wins and that not eating is not the way to gain control over your eating, at least not for me.  But now I can say I have fasted (big whoop).

In other news, I went into see my Dr about all the tummy troubles I have been having and we agreed that I should go to the allergist and get checked out for food allergies. About 2 (3?) weeks ago one of the heirloom tomatoes we grew tried to kill me. Even though I have eaten tomatoes for years I was sensitive to them as a kid and based on this and my reaction the other week my Dr. advises I not eat them. On the one hand I am way bummed, I LOVE tomatoes, tomato sauce and most of all KETCHUP! Can you imagine, no ketchup on your french fries! Ignoring the fact that I am not supposed to being eating those anyway.  On the other hand I will just have to make more pesto, oh darn. We will see how this plays out, I think Mexican food will be the hardest as I LOOOOOOOOVE salsa, but really I just want to feel good again. I am actually kinda looking forward to the allergy test results.

I am also going in to get my Glucose Tolerance and kidney’s tested as a precursor to maybe starting Metformin.

So while the fasting didn’t really give me much incite on anything but feeling hungry I think things are more on the road to getting more under control.

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Squating with the bar

I just had to announce that last night I did my first squats using the 45 lb bar and a squat rack. I also did a small set of swings, presses and free standing squats without the bar.  Nothing to write home about really but it fells good to get my toe back in the water.

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Anyone Still Out There?

Can it really be so long since I posed here? I guess the time stamp doesn’t lie, at least not by that much. This last year has been a rather crazy one, here is a recap of where I have been.

August last year I took off to visit family in the Midwest for my cousin’s wedding.

Then when I got back some SOB stole the headlight out of my car, it was the straw that broke the camels back and incited us to begin hunting for a new place to live and in literally two  weeks we had a new house (rental) and spent September and October moving and getting unpacked.

Then the holidays showed up and we all know how that goes. In January we got a new addition to the family, Georgie. She is a two year old Border Collie and a bundle of energy. Much of our time is spent trying to ware her out.

In the spring we started a garden and got a batch of baby chicks. The chicks are now quite big and should start providing us with eggs in another month or two.

Our biggest news of all is that in July we got hitched. We had a simple ceremony at SF City Hall and a nice BBQ reception in the backyard, the chickens were the toast of the party.

So that, in a very over simplified nut shell has been what we have been up to. Will kept up his lifting,  indeed he got a bench, a 300 lb bar set, a squat rack and has turned the garage and part of the yard into his “gym”. But aside from running Georgie around my workouts fell apart around when I took of to Wisconsin and have not really been reinstated, but it is time to change that.

It has been a hard year in a lot of ways for me, accepting the PCOS and its effects on the way I should eat have been rather difficult. After what feels like a life time of dieting, being told you have to change things when you already try to eat well is hard, mostly in an emotional way than a logistical way.  But it comes down to the simple fact that, if I don’t change things they will just get worse and not better. So here I am, back again and re-committing myself to keep trying to push forward again.

I am planning on doing a weekend long fast the 18th and 19th, mostly as an act of regaining control and because I feel I need a clean break from my current food habits. I’ll be drinking lots of water and will have a small meal at the end of each day. I don’t advocate fasting as any kind of diet, this is more about the mental exercise of taking control of my relationship with food and I don’t plan on making fasting a frequent thing. For more on fasting, check out this post over on The Great Fitness Experiment.

So, you are (at your own discretion) welcome to join me the 18th and 19th in my fast, or maybe just take the days to focus on drinking more water. The main thing is now that I have posted it on the internet I have to do it.

Glad to be back.


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Food Inc.


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Things You have to Remember with PCOS

PCOS is a bitch. There, I said it. Lately I have been really really frustrated with the idea that it is really part of my life. It is just not any fun and there are so many things you can’t do anymore that you have to remind yourself about.

For example-

-skip the yummy lemon cupcakes your kind co-worker brought in for everyone

-skip the yummy cake you other kind co-worker brought in to celebrate another co-worker getting citizenship

-skip the yummy cookies that your boss brought in to thank the receptionist for being so great

-skip the bagel on bagel day and just enjoy the veggie toppers instead

-That your favorite hobby of baking is no longer really something that you should be doing since it is rather self defeating to have batches of warm cookies cooling all over the kitchen.

Crap, I forgot to do those things.

Now, I am not saying that I don’t have to butch up and learn to live with my reality but it is hard to just switch gears from “It is ok to eat what you want and no food is bad food in moderation” to “you need to not eat sugar cause in your case it is definitely going to kill you if you don’t stop”.

I don’t want to have PCOS, I want my cookie and I want to eat it without thinking about insulin resistance, how tired it will no doubt make me in 30 min and how if I don’t make these changes pronto and can be sure to look forward to a future of possible diabetes and infertility.  But you can’t not think about this when you have PCOS. You have to dig in again and try to remember that unlike (so it feels) eveyone else in the world who’s hormones mostly work properly that yours don’t .

Then you  have to remember that wishing you didn’t have PCOS is not going to get you anywhere and is rather juevenille so it is time to grow up and do what you need to do. So stop whining, put down the pasty, take a deep breath and get moving.

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Food on Friday 6/12/09

So Friday was my first day of Ph”ood’ journaling.  I must say it is kind of fun to see peoples funny looks at work going “why are you taking pictures of your lunch?”

Breakfast was unfortunately grabbed on the sly via the local Starbucks, and while the fruit looks good it was pretty much either under ripe, over ripe and all tasted like citric acid that they use to keep it looking good. The tea and the morning bun where good but  a morning bun is not exactly low GI.

Lunch was yummy left overs. Millet (hurray whole grains) with homemade beans, some chicken and crushed tomatoes.

Cookies, had about 3 of these. I made them with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, walnuts and dark chocolate chips. They where supposed to be for a picnic today but who can resist freash out of the oven cookies I ask you?

For dinner I forgot to snap a picture but it was basically two fired eggs for about a cup of the more of the beans that I made with a bit of salsa.

I can already tell, the biggest challenge for me with photographing my food is going to be remembering for each meal or snack. When you are thinking about eating it is hard to really remember to take pictures. Hopefully soon there will be some trends that emerge that will be helpful in my quest to eat healthy without counting calories or stressing about every bite.

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