Day 4: Squats!!

Well after a stomach bug layed me up last week it took a few days to feel human again, thank goodness for Gatorade and bland food is all I am going to say. Last night I finally had enough get up and go to do some weights and I finally added in some squats!

Here was my post sickbed workout:

2×12 Bicep Curls

2×12 Hammer Raises

2×12 Overhead Press

2×12 Upright Row

3×8 Side Raises

12 Squats!!!

Now I know this doesn’t seem like a lot of squats but let me tell you, my gluts ache, a nice dull ache that lets me know my muscles got a good workout but not to much so that I wanted to stay in bed all day. For good squat form and tips on variations  to help you modify the exercise for your ability level click the pic above.

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One response to “Day 4: Squats!!

  1. Susy

    Squats… THAT’S what I need to do! Keep it up! More updates! lol’

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