Things You have to Remember with PCOS

PCOS is a bitch. There, I said it. Lately I have been really really frustrated with the idea that it is really part of my life. It is just not any fun and there are so many things you can’t do anymore that you have to remind yourself about.

For example-

-skip the yummy lemon cupcakes your kind co-worker brought in for everyone

-skip the yummy cake you other kind co-worker brought in to celebrate another co-worker getting citizenship

-skip the yummy cookies that your boss brought in to thank the receptionist for being so great

-skip the bagel on bagel day and just enjoy the veggie toppers instead

-That your favorite hobby of baking is no longer really something that you should be doing since it is rather self defeating to have batches of warm cookies cooling all over the kitchen.

Crap, I forgot to do those things.

Now, I am not saying that I don’t have to butch up and learn to live with my reality but it is hard to just switch gears from “It is ok to eat what you want and no food is bad food in moderation” to “you need to not eat sugar cause in your case it is definitely going to kill you if you don’t stop”.

I don’t want to have PCOS, I want my cookie and I want to eat it without thinking about insulin resistance, how tired it will no doubt make me in 30 min and how if I don’t make these changes pronto and can be sure to look forward to a future of possible diabetes and infertility.  But you can’t not think about this when you have PCOS. You have to dig in again and try to remember that unlike (so it feels) eveyone else in the world who’s hormones mostly work properly that yours don’t .

Then you  have to remember that wishing you didn’t have PCOS is not going to get you anywhere and is rather juevenille so it is time to grow up and do what you need to do. So stop whining, put down the pasty, take a deep breath and get moving.

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One response to “Things You have to Remember with PCOS

  1. barrenandbelieving

    just diagnosed with this and completely understand!

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